What’s Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Börek, The Turkish Pastry Filled With Cheese Or Spinach?

Have you ever experienced the delightful flavors of Börek, the mouthwatering Turkish pastry filled with a delectable combination of cheese or spinach? Whether you savor its crispy layers or relish in its savory filling, Börek offers a culinary delight that is bound to please your taste buds. From the traditional triangle-shaped pastries to the innovative twists on this classic dish, there are countless ways to enjoy Börek. So, come along on a journey of culinary exploration as we discover the various ways people indulge in this Turkish delight.

History of Börek

Börek is a popular Turkish pastry that has a rich and fascinating history. Its origins can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire, where it became a staple in Turkish cuisine. Börek was introduced to Turkey by the Turks who migrated from Central Asia, and it quickly gained popularity due to its delicious taste and versatility.

Origins of Börek

Börek has its roots in the nomadic cultures of Central Asia. It is believed to have been brought to Turkey by the Turkic people, who were skilled in the art of making dough-based dishes. The dish evolved over time as it was influenced by various cultures and cuisines, including Persian, Arab, and Greek.

Evolution of Börek

Over the centuries, börek evolved and adapted to the tastes and preferences of different regions in Turkey. It became a staple dish in Turkish cuisine and gained recognition for its unique flavors and flaky texture. Börek was traditionally made using a thin, unleavened dough called yufka, which is rolled out and filled with various ingredients before being baked or fried.

Traditional Börek Recipes

There are countless variations of börek, each with its own unique combination of fillings and flavors. Some of the most popular traditional börek recipes include cheese-filled börek, spinach-filled börek, potato-filled börek, and meat-filled börek. These recipes have been passed down through generations and are still enjoyed by many today.

Cheese Filled Börek Variations

If you are a fan of cheesy goodness, then cheese-filled börek variations are sure to satisfy your cravings. Here are three delicious options to consider:

Feta Cheese Börek

Feta cheese börek is a classic choice and is loved for its tangy and salty flavor. The creamy feta cheese is typically mixed with herbs such as parsley and dill, which adds a refreshing taste to the börek. The filling is then encased in layers of thin yufka dough and baked until golden and crispy.

Kashar Cheese Börek

Kashar cheese börek is another popular choice, particularly in Eastern and Southeastern regions of Turkey. Kashar cheese is a medium-hard cheese known for its mild and slightly nutty flavor. When used as a filling in börek, it creates a creamy and gooey texture that is simply irresistible.

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Mix Cheese Börek

For those who can’t decide on just one type of cheese, mix cheese börek is the perfect solution. This variation combines different types of cheese, such as feta, kashar, and mozzarella, to create a medley of flavors that complement each other perfectly. The mix cheese börek is a favorite among cheese enthusiasts and is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Börek, The Turkish Pastry Filled With Cheese Or Spinach?

Spinach Filled Börek Variations

If you prefer a healthier option, spinach-filled börek variations are a great choice. Spinach adds a unique flavor and a vibrant green color to the börek. Here are three options that are worth trying:

Spinach and Feta Börek

The combination of spinach and feta cheese is a match made in heaven. The earthy flavor of the spinach pairs beautifully with the tanginess of the feta, creating a balanced and satisfying filling. The börek is not only delicious but also visually appealing, thanks to the vibrant green spinach leaves peeking through the layers of dough.

Spinach and Kashar Börek

For a slightly different twist, spinach and kashar börek offer a new flavor experience. The mild and savory kashar cheese complements the spinach perfectly, adding a creamy texture to the börek. This variation is often enjoyed as a light and healthy meal or snack.

Spinach and Cheese Börek

If you can’t get enough of both cheese and spinach, then the spinach and cheese börek is a must-try. This variation combines the goodness of feta cheese and spinach, creating a filling that is bursting with flavors. The combination of the two ingredients creates a creamy and indulgent filling that is hard to resist.

Other Filling Options

While cheese and spinach are the most popular fillings for börek, there are many other delicious options to explore. Here are a few notable ones:

Potato Filled Börek

Potato-filled börek is a comforting and hearty option. The filling is made by mashing boiled potatoes and mixing them with herbs and spices such as parsley, dill, and garlic. The result is a flavorful and satisfying filling that is loved by both adults and children.

Meat Filled Börek

For the meat lovers, meat-filled börek is a fantastic choice. The filling is typically made with ground beef or lamb, which is seasoned with a blend of spices and cooked with onions and herbs. The meat filling adds a savory and robust flavor to the börek, making it an ideal option for a filling and satisfying meal.

Mushroom Filled Börek

If you prefer a vegetarian option, mushroom-filled börek is a delectable choice. The filling is made by sautéing mushrooms with onions, garlic, and herbs such as thyme and parsley. The earthy flavor of the mushrooms pairs beautifully with the crispy layers of dough, creating a delightful combination of textures and flavors.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Börek, The Turkish Pastry Filled With Cheese Or Spinach?

Traditional Börek Making Process

The process of making börek involves three main steps: preparing the dough, preparing the filling, and assembling and baking. Let’s take a closer look at each step:

Preparing the Dough

The dough for börek is typically made using a simple mixture of flour, water, and salt. The ingredients are combined to form a smooth and elastic dough, which is then divided into smaller portions. The dough is rolled out into thin sheets, often using a traditional rolling pin called a “oklava,” until it is thin enough to be translucent.

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Preparing the Filling

The filling for börek can vary depending on the recipe and personal preferences. Whether it’s cheese, spinach, meat, or any other filling, the ingredients are prepared and seasoned to perfection. The filling is then evenly spread onto the thin sheets of dough, leaving some space at the edges to ensure a tight seal when the börek is folded.

Assembly and Baking

Once the filling is evenly distributed, the börek is assembled by folding the dough over the filling to create the desired shape. Börek can be made in various shapes, such as rolls, triangles, or squares, each offering a unique presentation. The assembled börek is then brushed with melted butter or egg wash to achieve a golden and crispy exterior.

The börek is then baked in a preheated oven until it turns golden brown, and the layers of dough become beautifully flaky. The baking time can vary depending on the size and thickness of the börek, but it usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes. Once baked, the börek is ready to be enjoyed!

Different Shapes and Sizes

Börek is known for its versatility not only in terms of fillings but also in its various shapes and sizes. Here are three of the most common shapes:

Roll Börek

Roll börek, also known as “sarma börek,” is a cylindrical-shaped börek that is rolled up like a Swiss roll. The filling is spread over the thin dough sheet, and then the dough is rolled tightly to form a log. The roll börek is typically cut into smaller portions before baking, making it perfect for individual servings.

Triangle Börek

Triangle börek, also known as “üçgen börek,” is a classic shape that is widely enjoyed. The dough is cut into triangular shapes, and the filling is placed on one end of the triangle. The dough is then folded over the filling in a triangular shape, creating a neat and attractive börek.

Square Börek

Square börek, also known as “kare börek,” is a simple yet elegant shape. The dough is rolled out into a large square sheet, and the filling is spread evenly over it. The edges of the dough are then folded inward to create a square shape, enclosing the filling neatly within.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Börek, The Turkish Pastry Filled With Cheese Or Spinach?

Accompaniments to Börek

To enhance the taste and enjoyment of börek, it is often served with various accompaniments. Here are three popular choices:


Yogurt is a common accompaniment for börek and complements its rich flavors perfectly. The cool and creamy texture of yogurt provides a refreshing contrast to the warm and flaky börek. Yogurt can be served plain or seasoned with herbs and garlic, depending on personal preference.

Turkish Tea

No Turkish meal is complete without a cup of Turkish tea, and börek is no exception. The strong and aromatic Turkish tea pairs beautifully with the savory flavors of börek, creating a delightful combination that is enjoyed by many. The tea’s bold flavor helps cleanse the palate and balances the richness of the börek.


Ayran is a traditional Turkish yogurt-based drink that is often served alongside börek. It is made by combining yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt, then whisking it until frothy. Ayran is a refreshing and cooling beverage that complements the flavors of börek, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a lighter accompaniment.

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Regional Variations

Börek is a beloved dish throughout Turkey, and different regions have their own unique variations. Here are three notable regional styles:

Istanbul Style Börek

Istanbul, being a melting pot of cultures, has its own distinct style of börek. Istanbul-style börek is known for its flaky and thin layers, achieved by rolling out the dough meticulously. The fillings are typically made with a combination of cheese and parsley, creating a simple yet delicious taste.

Antep Style Börek

Antep, a region famous for its rich culinary heritage, has its own special börek recipe. Antep-style börek is notable for its bold flavors and generous use of spices and herbs. The fillings often include ground meat, onion, red pepper flakes, and aromatic herbs such as mint and cumin, resulting in a savory and aromatic börek that is packed with bold flavors.

Trabzon Style Börek

Trabzon, a coastal city in the Black Sea region, is known for its unique take on börek. Trabzon-style börek is typically larger in size and features a generous amount of filling. The fillings often include a combination of cheese, spinach, and ground meat, resulting in a hearty and satisfying börek that is enjoyed as a full meal.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Börek, The Turkish Pastry Filled With Cheese Or Spinach?

Börek as Street Food

In Turkey, börek is not only a popular homemade dish but also a beloved street food. Here’s a closer look at the street food culture surrounding börek:

Street Vendors

When walking through the streets of Turkey, it is not uncommon to come across börek being sold by street vendors. These vendors set up their small carts equipped with traditional ovens, where they bake fresh börek throughout the day. The aroma of freshly baked börek fills the air, enticing locals and tourists alike.

Variations on the Go

Street vendors often offer a wide variety of börek variations, making it easy for people to sample different flavors. From classic cheese-filled börek to unique regional specialties, street food lovers can indulge in a range of choices while exploring the bustling streets of Turkey.

Popular Börek Chains

In addition to street vendors, there are also popular börek chains in Turkey. These chains specialize in börek and offer a wide range of options to cater to different tastes. They have become go-to spots for locals and visitors alike who are looking to grab a quick and satisfying börek on the go.

Börek in Turkish Cuisine

Börek holds a special place in Turkish cuisine and is enjoyed in various settings and occasions. Here are a few notable instances:

Breakfast Börek

Börek is a common sight on Turkish breakfast tables, where it is served hot and fresh alongside other traditional breakfast items. Whether it’s a weekend brunch with family or a quick bite before work, börek provides a filling and satisfying start to the day.

Ramadan Börek

During the holy month of Ramadan, börek takes on a special significance. It is often prepared and shared among family and friends during iftar, the meal that breaks the fast. Börek, with its versatility and delicious flavors, brings people together and adds a sense of celebration to the table.

Celebration Börek

Börek is not only enjoyed on a daily basis but also holds a place in celebratory meals. Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation, or any other special occasion, börek is often included in the menu as a crowd-pleasing dish. Its versatility allows for creative variations and presentations, making it a standout dish in any celebration.

In conclusion, börek is much more than just a pastry filled with cheese or spinach. It is a culinary treasure that reflects the rich history, diverse flavors, and unique traditions of Turkish cuisine. Whether enjoyed at home, on the streets, or during special occasions, börek continues to captivate taste buds and bring people together. So, what’s your favorite way to enjoy börek?

Whats Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Börek, The Turkish Pastry Filled With Cheese Or Spinach?