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Vivek Hattangadi

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9 years 3 weeks

Recipes by this member

Recipe Titlesort icon Recipe Description Recipe Photo Date Posted
Amchigele Laal Maans

During a recent training program at Jaipur at Hotel Jai Mahal Palace, the host had a arranged a get together in the evening. The food served was authentically...

04 May 2014
Chicken Kundapuri Masala

Chicken Kundapuri Masala is a favorite chicken dish of the Bants (like Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, and Aishwarya Rai).

The dish is named after the town...

20 Apr 2016
Dosai Vada

This is combo amchigele cuisine – amchigele + the popular Mumbai batata vada!

Makes a delicious breakfast for a Sunday or a evening snack.

09 Dec 2012
Fish Fried – Bankikodla Style

This dish is for true fish lovers! Preparation with small fish tastes best, however, those not familiar with these kind of fish may substitute it with pomfret or...

08 Sep 2009
Jumping Potatoes

Jumping Potatoes so called because it is 'तीक', 'तीक', that people start jumping up and down on the dining chairs. It is not meant for the weak hearts - sorry weak...

28 Aug 2011
Kalingada Doddak

We amchis have a knack of thriftiness, which we learnt from our ancestors in the villages of North and South Kanaras - when we were not so well of as we are today. We...

09 Oct 2009
Khotte - The Delectable Dish from the Kitchens of Bankikodla

Khotte – the delectable amchi breakfast

Khotte (the plural of 'khotto' are a type of idlis, but far tastier and softer than idlis.

I learnt this...

11 Oct 2014
Mackerel Recheado (Stuffed Bangda – Goan style)

Mackerel Recheado is a spicy, tangy, shallow fried fish is a traditional Goan recipe. Although traditionally it is shallow fried,

I opted for microwave fry,...

03 Feb 2016

Fusion cuisine is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Konkani cuisine is primarily influenced by coconut based gravies and the liberal...

12 Jul 2014
Pan-fried Iswan ( Surmai / Kingfish) for the Saraswat Kings (and Queens) !

Fish means आमचीगेल्यागेलो जीव कि प्राण!

ईस्वन (सुरमई) तरी tastiest of the tastiest fish!

आमचीगेल्यांक आवडतलोएक नवीन प्रकार!

This can be had as...

04 Nov 2013
Special Diwali 'Godda Phovvu' from the Kitchens of Kanaras

Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets!

But what better sweet breakfast than the authentic 'Godda Phovvu' from the kitchens of our very own North and South...

24 Oct 2014
Tambdya Papadachi Kosambari (Bankikodla Delight)

At times after a heavy Sunday lunch say of of fried fish and fish curry we do not have enough ‘bhook’ for dinner. Neither would we like to go to bed on an empty...

21 Oct 2009
Tiger Prawns Song

A variation of the most popular amchigele dish - batatya song. Some like it spicy, some very, very spicy!

14 Dec 2012
मासळी-वाटणो (जावो कोंबडी-वाटणो) पाच्वो मसाला

आमच्गेल्यांक मस्त लोकांक मासळी म्हळ्यारी जीव की प्राण!

कोंकण सागर किनारयाचे एक नवीन डीश तुमका पेश करता.

फिश आवड्नातील्या जानांक फिश बद्लाक चिकन...

12 Mar 2011
वाटण्या साली ची उपकारी

आर्तान्त्न्तु भाजीच्यो किमती वाढत आसती. आमी कल्लाई उडव्नाये - वाटण्या साली सुधाई. १ किलो वाटणे घेत्ल्यारी साधारण ४०० ग्राम साल्ल्यो येताती आणि ४ जणांक एक रान्दायी...

26 Feb 2011
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Amchi Recipes

I feel that this website posting of recipes should be restricted only to true amchigele (Chitrapur Saraswats / GSB) recipes! Vivek Hattangadi :)

03 May 2010 Vivek Hattangadi
Glossary Itemsort icon English Translation
Kalingada Watermelon
Kotambari Pallo Coriander leaves
Mandali Small pinkish fish which really glitters because...
Sooie Fresh grated coconut
Surmai / Iswan Kingfish
Tambdo Ukdo Tandul Red Boiled rice
Tarle Sardines
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