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vidya baindur-dubai

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9 years 2 weeks

Recipes by this member

Recipe Titlesort icon Recipe Description Recipe Photo Date Posted
ambya kolu or ambya andurli

yummy!!very traditional!!but forgotton!!its very easy &original recipe which my grandmother used to make ..so enjoy!!

04 Dec 2009
Ambya Sasam

This is a very traditional amchi dish.Very quick & easy to make.it is sweet,little spicy curry..tastes very well when served with rice & dalitoy.

05 May 2010
Besan Ladoo (in Microwave)

Yummy,Quick,& Easy Recipe..Anybody can make it..

26 Oct 2011

A crunchy, munchy snack to have with tea.very easy to make and the kids love it too.

14 Sep 2009
Chilli Chicken in Noodles

A very tasty & spicy mouthwatering dish.Quick & easy to make. Best homemade alternative dish for chinese food.Loved by all age groups.

03 Mar 2010

Mangalorian crab cury..very tasty when served with rice,bread or chapati..

06 Feb 2012
Dahi masala idli

A very healthy and nutritious meal/snack for all age groups.quick and easy to make.tastes wonderful.Thanks to shobhana rao (my daughter in law's Mother) for this...

10 Oct 2009
Fish Aamshe-Tikhshe (Bangda/Prawns/Tarle)

Its a red,spicy,tangy fish curry.its very authentic,mangalorian fish curry.variation can be done with prawns,or tarle fish.

03 Mar 2010
Mangalorean mutton/chicken/egg curry with roasted masala

yummy,tangy,curry...its a mangalorian curry..this curry can be made with either mutton,or chicken or eggs...very tasty & can be served with rice,chapati or bread...

31 Dec 2010
MANGLOREAN FISH PHANNA UPKARI (mackarel,/ sardines/ prawns/ kingfish)

Traditional,tempting and tangy red curry, excellent with rice/chapatis.

11 Sep 2009
Masala Stuffed Puri (Biscuit Roti)

Traditional & Spicy Amchi Recipe!!! Best for snack time.With variations of stuffed masala.
Both taste equally good...

30 May 2010
Methi potato bhaji

This is a simple bhaji with very few ingredients..but its a very tasty bhaji.we can serve with rice or rotis....

03 Jan 2011
Mix vegetable gajbaje

very easy & traditional mangalorian side dish!!!this dish is usually made on puja day or on festival day!!.it is well served with rice & dali toy.thanks to my...

06 Dec 2009
mutton/chicken in coconut milk

Its a Mangalorean style mutton curry with a flavour of coconut milk.not too spicy but very tasty as the coconut milk blends well with our spices.

29 Apr 2010

Delicious & tasty..we can eat as side dish or starters..goes well with chapati or steamed rice..

05 Aug 2010
Palak Raita

A very healthy & nutritious dish.easy to make.&tastes good with steamed rice,& daal.

07 Mar 2010
Palak Tambli.

Nutritious and very quick to make.Green in colour and a different type of tambli. variations can also be made by using cauliflower leaves, tendli leaves or navalcol...

20 Sep 2009
Panpole and lasun gojju

mouth watering,crispy dosas ..very easy to make and everybody loves it with lasun gojju

22 Feb 2010
Parasbi Koshimbir

A special aamchi salad especially for parasbi non lovers..and for those who like parasbi its a treat.

10 Oct 2009
potato & bread tikki

yummy,very easy, delicious snack or a very good starter...

24 Feb 2010

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