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Rulam (Upma)

Savory wheat farina (cream of wheat). Usually served as a breakfast food. This goes great with a hot cup of masala chai.

Steamed Oondees

Yummee Yummee Hot and Steamed Oondees of Mangalore (good diet breakfast for health conscious people)

arundathi kaikini

Aamchi Pancakes ..Soft nnn Spongy!!! Tastes best with Gharche Loni(Butter).

vidya baindur-dubai
Nachni Chocolate

Healthy snack,fast to cook & good to eat.

Vanita Kumta
Shevai & Sweet Rass

Extremely tasty & traditional aamchi style noodles.Looks and sounds difficult but actually very easy to make

vidya baindur-dubai
Kalingada Doddak

We amchis have a knack of thriftiness, which we learnt from our ancestors in the villages of North and South Kanaras - when we were not so well of as we are today. We do not waste anything.

We are experts in using everything ‘to the last drop’!

We have chitni’s from throw-away peels (saali) of various vegetables, soup of peels, venti menas and many more! Most of the people only eat the red of the water-melon and throw away the peels. Don’t do that – we can have lovely ‘kalingada doddak’ next summer.

After eating the red, separate out the white portion and grate it. The green skin can be kept for the cows and goats roaming the streets of India.

I learnt this delicious dish from my late mother-in-law Saru Katre (of Khar 15th Road, Mumbai) .

Vivek Hattangadi
Dahi masala idli

A very healthy and nutritious meal/snack for all age groups.quick and easy to make.tastes wonderful.Thanks to shobhana rao (my daughter in law's Mother) for this lovely recipe

vidya baindur-dubai
Sweet sour Chicken

A great starter with a zing

Vanita Kumta
Patrado (Alu vadi)

Rolls made of colocassia leaf multilayered with spiced floud and steamed.


A fried Indian veg. hot crispy recipe with Potato filled dough pockets !

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