Mangalorean mutton/chicken/egg curry with roasted masala

Submitted by vidya baindur-dubai on Fri, 12/31/2010 - 22:42
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yummy,tangy,curry...its a mangalorian curry..this curry can be made with either mutton,or chicken or eggs...very tasty & can be served with rice,chapati or bread...


2.grated fresh coconut-2cups
3.long cut onions-5/6
4.garlic cloves-10
5.ginger-3/4 inch
6.kashmiri or bedgi whole red chillis-7/8
8.whole garam masala-6cloves,1inch cinnamon,dhania seeds-2tabsp.,jeera-1/4tsp,saunf- 1/2tsp,black pepper-6/7,green elaichi-3,optional(small piece dagadful,javitri,1/4sp khaskhas,)
9.oil -4-5tabsp.
10.dhania leaves-finely cut-1/2cup chillies-3/4
12.salt-as per taste.
13.finely cut medium size tomatoes-3


1. wash mutton or chicken pieces or boil the eggs &remove shells & make 2 pieces.
2.grind 1/4 cup dhania leaves,green chillies, 5 garlic cloves, 2inch ginger piece without water.
3.marinate mutton or chicken pieces with salt,haldi,& ground green masala,keep aside.
4.take 1sp.oil in a pan roast all whole garam masala for 1 minute
5.take 1tab sp.oil in a pan roast long cut onions,5garlic cloves,ginger piece,fry untill light brown add grated coconut &roast it till coconut gets little brown.
6.grind above roasted garam masala,roasted onion coconut,red chillies,little dhania leaves together with water &make fine paste. pressure cooker take 3tabsp oil,add tomatoes fry for few minutes,add mutton or chicken pieces,fry for 3to 4 minutes,add ground above masala,salt as per taste,add water &cook it .give 3whistles then keep in for 10minutes on low sim.
8.curry is ready to serve with rice,chapati,or bread.

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Simple but awesome recipe!

Submitted by Anita Rege on Tue, 01/25/2011 - 12:19.

Loved this recipe of chicken curry by Vindya Baindur.Actually very similar to the way i prepare chicken except that besides the green masala,i also use curd for the marinade.a recipe that defies expiry date!.

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